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The XVR simulation platform by e-semble is a virtual reality training tool for command, control and communication skills training. In XVR, an instructor can use the extensive library of interactive 3D objects to create virtual reality threat and incident scenarios. The scenarios can be created in any one of the available 3D environments as well as a custom-made environment of your own building or site. XVR is used for single as well as multi-agency training of fire & rescue, ambulance and police services, as well as airport and other high risk area security services. XVR can be used for classroom education, single student simulation training and multi-student team training of complex realistic scenarios.

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The leading wildfire school in Europe "ECASC Valabre" has been using 3D simulation for incident command ground and aerial wildfire response training and assessment for over 10 years. ECASC are building a new simulation centre with a capacity of 2 parallel sim sessions for 20 participants including aerial reconnaissance and response (water/retardant). The new CESIR sim centre will feature XVR as the simulation engine. The 3D XVR all hazards simulation platform will be upgraded to support wide area wildfire response. XVR will be conected to the Ignis fire progression and response simulator under development at ECASC.

ECASC have initiated the International Wildfire Simulation Project in which Fire & Rescue Services using XVR from around the world collaborate to share knowledge and simulator design ideas for simulation based wildfire training and assessment.

XVR Crisis Media Simulator

The XVR Crisis Media Simulator provides exercise managers with a user-friendly tool to present the response of the media, and the public, to senior decision makers.

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