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Crime Forecasting & Reporting Tool

About CapIndex

  • Quantify and measure crime risk for in the U.S., Canada, and the UK
  • Create, store, and email reports within your organization
  • Site Attachments, Data Exporting, Interactive Map, Real Time Reporting
  • Justify expenditures, allocate security resources and support litigation

CAP Index is a leading source of objective information about property and financial crime and liability risk.  For over 20 years, they have provided innovative solutions for many large corporations and government agencies, helping them minimize a broad range of losses to their companies.  They combine statistics, criminology, demographics, and computer modelling to determine the likelihood of risk and potential loss at any location.  This is a valuable element in any risk assessment matrix.

> CAP Index Basic Report - Sample

> CAP Index Premium Report - Sample

> CAP Index Canadian Database - Press Release

FutureShield is an authorized reseller for CAP Index- Crime Stats and Reporting Tool.

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