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About Flashpoint

Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

The Flashpoint Intelligence Platform gives you access to Flashpoint’s archive of finished intelligence reports, including data from illicit communities, chat services platforms, the open web, along with pertinent technical data—all in a single platform. Whether you are an intelligence expert or new to assessing risk, our platform delivers relevant intelligence that empowers your teams to make more informed decisions and mitigate risk across your entire organization.

“We use it to look for insider threats, detect data exposure, uncover targeting of [people] or assets and to… identify new or emerging attack techniques.”


Finished intelligence experience

Access finished intelligence reports and primary source data across a wide range of illicit online communities, produced by Flashpoint intelligence experts.

Automatic translations

Flashpoint pre-translates its datasets across 25+ languages, providing a wider range of search results from foreign language sources within Flashpoint collections.

Optical-Character Recognition (OCR) and machine-learning technology

Identify text, logos, and objects from multimedia within Flashpoint collections. Users can search for, and be alerted to, any pertinent media with our extensive, signal-rich collections via the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform.

Threat vulnerability management

View relevant, uncovered information within threat actor discussions with Flashpoint Alerting. Ensures timely notifications that identify potential risks to your organization, as well as the ability to investigate further within the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform. Users can update, improve, and alter their queries on an as-needed basis, as well as manage their alerting keywords and recipients.

Universal search

Search all of Flashpoint’s illicit community data, from elite forums and marketplaces to chat services platforms and paste sites, and run the same searches our analysts do for their own investigations. Investigate illicit online communities safely for greater context into a potential threat or threat actor group.

Dashboards and analytics

Provides users a comprehensive, single-pane view of data measured against Flashpoint collections that are most relevant to an organization. Users can monitor the latest credit card leaks or a high-fidelity feed of cyber observables, keep track of the most active CVEs, and customize their default view by collections and interests.

Knowledge Base

Stay up-to-date with rapidly updated topic-focused pages on threat actors, TTPs, current events, malware families, country studies, and more.

API and integrations

Access a variety of out-of-the-box partner integrations directly from the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform. Integrate Flashpoint intelligence and data into internal tools to add immediate value including SIEMs, TIPs, SOARs, Threat & Vulnerability, Analysis, and Digital Risk. Users are able to generate and manage Flashpoint API tokens as well as view API documentation.

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