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FutureShield Inc. Announces Expanded Agreement with XVR Simulation as their Exclusive Canadian Partner

Technology Solutions Provider FutureShield Inc. is excited to announce an expanded partnership with XRV Simulation. Moving forward FutureShield will be XVR’s exclusive Canadian partner. FutureShield has been successfully offering XVR to fire departments across Canada and will now offer VR training to police forces in our country. This will give an additional group of emergency responders access to cutting-edge training programs.

The XVR product platform is a flexible, user-friendly, cost-effective solution to boost training curriculums using virtual reality. FutureShield is happy to reach an additional group of first responders and the police program focuses things that are important to that group including situational awareness/analysis, incident command, crowd control and evidence collection.

The fire training program will continue to be supported by FutureShield’s service partner, DriveWise, and their expertise will be leveraged for police clients. They will create scenarios and 3D environments specific for fire and police departments to ensure the potential of XVR is maximized for users. Their expertise in tri-services response training and simulated driver training has been demonstrated with multiple clients including a successful training venture at Ottawa International Airport.

“As XVR’s exclusive Canadian partner we deliver first-rate training for first responders and are thrilled to be able to add XVR for Canadian Police forces to our portfolio,” says Cynthia Weeden, Founder and President of FutureShield Inc. “XVR has been proven as an effective training program for fire departments in Canada and now with international success with police departments we couldn’t be happier to bring another tool to make our country’s emergency response stronger.”

We are very excited to expand our partnership with FutureShield Inc. towards the police forces across Canada. Cynthia and her team have proven their worth, time and time again. We look forward to seeing their progress in the police market,” says Joost Beerthuis, CEO of XVR Simulation. “Having a trustworthy partner is pivotal to keep providing local support and knowledge and is essential in our efforts to provide police forces around the world with the option to start training with virtual reality simulation.”

FutureShield Inc.

FutureShield Inc. was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2005 to provide expertise in integrating software solutions for security, emergency management, and critical infrastructure protection. The offices are now located in the Region of Peel, in Caledon, Ontario. For more information, visit

DriveWise Safety

DriveWise, a division of Knowledge Surge Learning Solutions Inc, was established in 2004 with one mandate: to provide high-quality, advanced learning solutions to the Road Transportation industry.

Since our inception, DriveWise has risen to a position of market leadership based on strong performance which has resulted in a rapidly expanding reputation for excellence. DriveWise Safety is a privately owned Canadian company headquartered in Barrie Ontario.


At XVR Simulation, we develop digital training environments to help emergency services better themselves at managing incidents. We take pride in being in close contact with our users. We work together to improve their training efforts, help them if they need it, and most importantly, we listen to them. The relationship we have established with our users over the years has proven vital in becoming the market leader.

Everyone working at XVR Simulation firmly believes in maintaining this relationship with our users. Moreover, we work the same way amongst ourselves. We work together, help each other out, and listen to one another to make sure we develop the best possible simulation software. All our employees are encouraged to take on responsibilities and figure it out together.

In the summer of 2021, XVR Simulation and LearnPro eFireService merged to form the LearnPro Group ltd. The LearnPro Group is a global leader in virtual reality training and e-learning for the health and emergency services. The combined software suite of LearnPro Group provides emergency services with a platform for learning management, an authoring tool, competency management and virtual reality training.

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