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FutureShield Inc. Announces Partnership with SkillGrader to Deliver New Training Tool to Emergency Response Teams Across Canada

Technology Solutions Provider FutureShield Inc. is happy to announce a partnership with SkillGrader and have added their product to their suite of offerings. SkillGrader is a training application that helps organizations objectively evaluate the performance of any observable skill, whether it is done during training, for certification, as part of routine drills, or as a part of on-the-job performance. It replaces paper-based assessments with a technology solution that provides immediate reports on individual and team proficiency.

SkillGrader was initially developed to support the training and assessment experts at Carnival Corporation, a global cruise operator of over 100 vessels. The goal was to enhance their sophisticated competency framework and performance-related training, such as emergency drills, fire protection, incident command and other safety procedures. This resulted in SkillGrader, an assessment tool that could efficiently and deeply evaluate individual and team skills, while generating performance metrics for the whole workforce.

SkillGrader will help modernize the training experience including fire protection, incident command, and safety training. It replaces pen and paper and allows trainers to digitize assessments where trainers can quickly record and measure first responder performance through a tablet. With the ability to customize the forms to suit their needs, training will accurately reflect unique exercises and situations that the diverse group of first responders across Canada may face. The metrics collected give trainers the ability to verify training effectiveness and to develop a comprehensive feedback loop between training and performance.

“At FutureShield we recognize the importance of effective training and SkillGrader is the perfect addition for trainers of firefighters and other emergency personal,” says Cynthia Weeden, Founder and President of FutureShield Inc. “SkillGrader will help emergency response teams improve as trainers can evaluate skill proficiency with objective, detailed and weighted assessments. Their experience with clients like Carnival Cruises around fire protection, incident command, and safety training will provide value to our clients and we are excited to share their learnings with our partners.

“We’re thrilled to partner with FutureShield to provide SkillGrader to emergency management and critical infrastructure protection industries,” says SkillGrader CEO Marray Goldberg. “FutureShield is known for their domain expertise in technology integration and deep understanding of the market’s needs, and this partnership will be vital in enabling SkillGrader to better support security and emergency management professionals. We look forward to working with FutureShield to help their clients optimize personnel skills training and assessment.”

FutureShield Inc. was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2005 to provide expertise in integrating software solutions for security, emergency management, and critical infrastructure protection. The offices are now located in the Region of Peel, in Caledon, Ontario. For more information, visit

SkillGrader is developed by Marine Learning Systems, a software developer that supports the full breadth of training and assessment in safety-critical industries. Their solutions support cultures of safety in operations, helping to protect personnel and capital assets from accidents. Learn more at

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