Enhance the competence and expertise of your emergency responders through simulation training with XVR On Scene

Emergency responders benefit from experiencing incidents in a safe, controllable, repeatable, and measurable environment. XVR On Scene allows participants to understand concepts and learning objectives by experiencing them. The participant acquires practical knowledge and can practice decision-making skills in situations that rarely occur in real life.

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How does it work?

XVR On Scene is a virtual training environment in which you have unparalleled freedom to create and train any scenario imaginable. After building a scenario, the participant is guided through the learning objectives by the instructor. In this way, both simple incidents and large-scale crisis situations can be experienced in a safe and controlled environment. With our software you can educate, train, exercise, assess, and evaluate. This applies to both mono- and multi-disciplinary objectives and on an operational, tactical, and strategic level.

“A successful response to any emergency incident requires timely and effective decision-making abilities. To develop these skills, the Ottawa International Airport’s emergency response program required a system that would present a realistic and challenging training environment while accommodating our 24/7 operations schedule. FutureShield introduced us to XVR in 2019, and it has proven to be an excellent training tool for both individual and team training. Additionally, it creates outstanding opportunities for interdepartmental collaboration, supports effective communication flow, and reinforces the understanding of command and control relationships. Using XVR allows our teams to learn new procedures or review current ones in a safe and positive learning environment before running full-scale drills and exercises.” Michael Baudette, VP of Security and Emergency Management, Ottawa International Airport Authority

A world-wide user community

The XVR Simulation Platform is being utilized all over the world. The entire platform has been designed to stimulate the sharing of scenarios and custom objects. This way, users from all over the world benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience. We value building relationships with our users. Thanks to the enthusiastic and loyal community, the XVR Simulation Platform is constantly being filled with relevant custom content, scenarios and new ways to train your staff.

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