The OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management: From Chaos to Control

The OnSolve Platform for Critical Event Management™ (CEM) combines leading risk intelligence, critical communications and incident management into one SaaS-based global portfolio. Our AI-powered platform is purpose-built to deliver fast, relevant and actionable intelligence, enable vital communications and allow response teams to react calmly and confidently.


OnSolve Risk Intelligence™: Harness the power of AI to rapidly filter through the noise of irrelevant events to identify the ones that matter to your people, places and property

OnSolve Critical Communications™: Enable reliable global communications to manage the safety of employees and assets

OnSolve Incident Management™: Mobilize emergency response plans, ensuring rapid
and effective recovery from any disruption

What Makes OnSolve’s Platform Unique?

  • Every minute counts™. That’s why OnSolve prioritizes speed, relevance and usability to help customers achieve the best possible outcome when a critical event occurs.
  • This (Speed, Relevance and Usability) offers truly actionable intelligence you won’t find anywhere else.
  • For you, it means having the information that matters, with more time to react and more confidence in your execution. It’s the clearest path to successful outcomes. And it’s one you can create for your organization now.

“I have used OnSolve for internal employee notification in both City of Kingston, Ontario and in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB), Fort McMurray, Alberta. Additionally, OnSolve has been used to notify Emergency Social Services (ESS) volunteers, residents on the Vulnerable Persons Registry (VPR), and community emergency management partners. The powerful OnSolve Critical Event Management Suite allows Chief Security Officers, Emergency and Business Continuity Teams, to get intelligence before the threat hits – be that man made, natural, or a blended physical and cyber incident enabling a notification with clear communications on what both the EOC members, Crisis Management Team, and effected employees should take as next steps.” - Scott Davis, Emergency Management Professional, 19 years experience

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