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About XVR

XVR Simulation is the world’s leading developer of simulation technology with over 275 training organisations in more than 50 countries worldwide using XVR to train 150,000 incident responders every year.

With the XVR Simulation Platform, you can enhance the competence and expertise of all safety, emergency and incident response professionals with simulation. A 3d simulation tool that provides you with an effective and immersive learning environment to educate, train, and asses emergency responders. Immersion and flexibility are key in XVR On Scene.

Students can move around freely within an interactive virtual scenario; they can enter buildings and vehicles; and they can experience changes in their surroundings such as flooding, smoke, and fire expansion.

This way, students are actively involved and motivated and therefore learn more effectively.

XVR features a large number of training environments combined with a library full of realistic models, buildings, vehicles and objects. You have unparalleled freedom and options to build your own training environments and scenario’s, even recreate local situations and incidents.


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