Site Secure Software

Building, Security, & Facilities Management

About Site Secure

• Complete Security Management Software Suite 

• Comprehensive reporting with over 400 standard templates 

• Customizable and Intuitive data entry screens 

• Proven installations that meet federal language and privacy standards 

If you are searching for a better, faster, easier security management solution and require your allocation data in hours rather than days in support of your budget demands, Site Secure Software has a proven track record. Site-Secure offers the premier security management software for major institutions to meet these daily challenges. With its 14 individual modules capable of working as standalone units or as a seamlessly integrated system on your LAN/WAN or intranet, you purchase only those modules which are needed to facilitate your work. Modules include: incident management, lost and found, visitor registration, package tracking, parking control, daily occurrence/Dispatching, key management, guard tour tracking and much more.

FutureShield is an authorized reseller for SiteSecure - Security Operations Software Solution

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