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  • Integrating business with infrastructure security risks 
  • Physical & IT Security 
  • Knowledge base & robust reporting 
  • Risk calculation per ISO

Modulo was acquired by SAI Global and re-branded SAI D360.  D360 is a software framework to manage IT and Physical Security Assessments. With it’s cutting edge technology, D360 supports security professionals with its single platform; helping them organize, manage, and monitor security threats across the entire organization.

An enterprise is vulnerable when information is inaccurate. Automating with SAI D-360 helps security professionals identify and prioritize critical and high-risk threats to reduce the risk of physical threats and breaches, information loss, and operational disruptions Using D-360 as the primary security risk management platform, Security Risk Managers can generate reports with all relevant security risk information on a monthly basis and create automated tasks to monitor and update critical security information.

Modulo solutions provide a database of industry standard Threat Risk Assessment Frameworks for Physical and Cyber Security assessments. Users can also create and modify frameworks to adhere to company policy and custom requirements. Security assessment results can be viewed in detail and rolled up to business departments and processes for a high-level view.


> Modulo Security Risk Management Brochure

> Modulo GRC Intelligence Brochure

> Modulo Compliance Management Brochure 

> Modulo Business Continuity Brochure 

> Modulo Case Study - B.C. Hydro - September 2014

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