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Digital Content Management Tool for Fire Safety and Prevention

About Safebuildings

SafeBuildings is a Digital Content and User Management Tool that you can access through an app (Andriod/iOS) or any browser.  It takes your building’s emergency contacts, emergency procedures and safety plans, organizes them in a neat and easy to use digital platform and securely make it available to your users anywhere in the world.  

Ensure your building’s safety is current and maintained with Safebuildings prevention- and maintenance-based checklists. Get realtime reporting for deficiencies and ensure all hazards are immediately addressed. Print detailed maintenance reports for accountability audits.

SafeBuildings eliminates the delays to accessing life-saving information and provide secure access to all emergency service personnel, who can access it from their mobile devices or computers en route to an emergency.  The data is also available to them based on their geolocation, by scanning a secure QR code posted on your building in various locations, or by searching for the address in the app. Emergency managers will have instant access to all building emergency contacts, fire safety plans, critical infrastructure, persons needing assistance list and their location in the building – and more.  

This app is available to all the staff, maintenance personnel and anyone building management wishes to grant access. Management can choose roles of persons having access, limiting access to certain data or only granting access for a given time period.

Real time reporting allows management to ensure the building fire protection systems are maintained and ready if needed.  In addition, NFC patrol reporting ensures attendance at locations essential for buildings safety.  

The tool also tracks and records pro-active weekly, monthly and yearly fire / safety hazard prevention practices which lead to a safer and more accountable building. SafeBuildings’ goal is to help you create and maintain the safest building possible. 

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