Secure Cloud-Based Solutions Using Near Field Communication Technology

About MyTAG

Near Field Communication Technology (NFC) is well established in contactless payments cards but it can be used for much more. MyTAG, a UK based technology company, has developed a range of Internet of Things applications that use NFC, GPRS and HID Trusted Tags® to ensure the safety and security of people and assets. The system provides secure cloud based solutions, which cannot be copied or cloned.

MyTAG is an innovation partner, rather than a supplier of products, and works with clients to tailor its technology to meet their requirements. The flexible MyTAG system platform is capable of providing solutions within any processes where management oversight of operations or service delivery needs to be evidenced, recorded, escalated or rectified. MyTAG's exception based approach also ensures that any non-conformances to equipment/process audits and compliance routines are escalated to process owners.

Existing MyTAG solutions

MyTAG Proof of Presence provides trusted proof that a person was at a given location at specific times, allowing proof of servicing times, security patrols, visit periods and other time/location based events. An efficient and effective solution for managing services, MyTAG allows you to demonstrate professionalism and compliance as well as saving you time and money.

MyTAG Key and Asset Management improves the tracking and management of keys and other portable assets via an efficient and secure process, which saves time and money, allowing keys to be quickly and easily checked out, electronically recording who has them at any point. The retrieval of keys, or other assets, from employees and contractors can easily be managed via automated reminders and alerts.

MyTAG Proof of Compliance allows you to demonstrate that you have complied with all the relevant health and safety legislation and regulations. The cloud based system simplifies the maintenance and testing of fire extinguishers, fire doors, portable appliances, and other critical assets, ensuring that checking is always up to date.

MyTAG Trusted Proof of ID is a secure ID card system which provides absolute verification of a person’s identity. When the card is tapped on a tablet, mobile phone, or other NFC enabled device, the tag generates a cryptographic code which the device receives via a url, and which provides 100% verifiable authentication of identity, time and global positioning.

The flexible MyTAG platform allows additional services to be included as they are needed. Being cloud based and wireless means that it does not need to be hardwired or integrated with existing systems, making it simple and inexpensive to install and operate. The MyTAG dashboard provides real-time and historical management information from wherever you are and on any device, allowing a rapid response to any issues.

MyTAG is already meeting a multitude of client needs in sectors ranging from facilities management and security, to healthcare and education.

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