Musterpoint Software

Smart Social Media Monitoring for Public

About Musterpoint

  • Provides instant oversight of social media and traditional media for incidents, locations and facilities
  • Assess and manage risk of misinformation during fast moving and high-profile incidents
  • Improved decision making through multi-agency triage, intelligence, and collaboration
  • Includes full audit and accountability reporting

MusterPoint is a combined web based social media and media engagement dashboard that provides effective emergency management communication. It also has a built-in crisis exercise simulation option. It’s a fully auditable system created by emergency management specialists and supports multi-agency and multiple stakeholder coordination during an emergency and business as usual.

The MusterPoint team comprises of crisis and emergency communication professionals from around the world. Their background is in the effective management of emergency and crisis situations in law enforcement and public safety. The team has managed high profile events that have attracted worldwide attention. Incidents that range from civil unrest to natural disasters and significant pre-planned political events have given MusterPoint the authentic insight needed to understand the unique challenges faced in emergency planning and response.

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MusterPoint for Law Enforcement

MusterPoint Case Study - Flooding and Aircraft Crash

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