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About Mir3

  • Alert through phone, text, email, mobile app, desktop, and more.
  • Log responses and automate reporting
  • Supports multiple languages
  • SaaS hosted in Canada data centre or Enterprise deliverable solution

When there is a safety or accountability concern for employees or the public, such as a power outage, a crashed server, a geographic threat, weather, hostile action, call out, etc., and you need to send an important message, Intelligent Notification system is for you.

Easily notify and alert groups—from one to thousands—of business interruptions, pending disaster or simply for day-to-day communication. Available as a hosted (SaaS), on-premise, or hybrid solution, Intelligent Notification is used for business continuity and disaster recovery, emergency notification, and to enhance efficiency and productivity throughout the enterprise.

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MIR3 & FutureShield Client Testimonial

The Campus Police at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada with the technical support of FutureShield was able to complete a very intricate and detailed set up for emergency mass notification for our campus community of 20,000 people. Located at the busiest border crossing in North America, the University of Windsor hosts students studying all throughout the county as well as in Detroit, Michigan. Our set-up called for very specific notification groups as well as the ability to notify all community members simultaneously with alerts ranging from weather scenarios, man-made disasters as well as potentially violent situations. We are very pleased to report that the system is extremely robust and very easily integrated with other notification technologies we use on our campus. With the assistance and support of FutureShield, we were able to realize our successes and become an award-winner in addition to being recognized as a Centre of Knowledge and model to other campuses as well as municipalities throughout North America.Sgt. Chris Zelezney B.A. C.C.P.S. | Campus Community Police | University of Windsor

"I was thoroughly impressed by the level of service from both FutureShield and MIR3 since I took over in Kingston; hence the decision to renew was an easy one."- Scott Davis, MACommunity Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC) City of Kingston – Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Kingston Fire & Rescue (July,2016)

"The Canadian Olympic Committee utilized MIR3’s “Intelligent Notification” system during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to complement our security operations program. The system was used to conduct roll call tests across multiple groups and to send out mass notifications to Team Canada members in order to alert them of any security concerns. The platform lived up to our expectations and our contacts at MIR3 were more than willing to assist us with adapting the system where possible to the very unique environment in which we operate. We plan to continue to work with MIR3 for future Games." - Melissa Dowling. Gestionnaire, Jeux | Canadian Olympic Committee (December, 2016)

Enterprise wide notification system | A business case

Security and Emergency Management benefit from notification systems. Video | Business case for using notification systems throughout the entire organization.

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