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About Echosec

On-the-ground security threats often begin with online chatter. As new social platforms emerge and fringe networks gain traction, it is increasingly difficult to identify and monitor security threats within the conversations taking place online.

Echosec delivers streamlined access to indexed data from a wide range of social media, deep web, and dark web networks. Advanced filters allow users to zero in on specific keyword and location-based content, and machine-learning models classify the threat potential within posts to enable more effective prioritization.

Echosec is trusted by public and private sector security and intelligence teams worldwide to deliver critical insights and improve situational awareness on the ground. Common use cases include:

  • Force Protection
  • Executive and Brand Protection
  • Counterterrorism
  • Geopolitical risk assessment
  • Supply chain monitoring
  • Critical event monitoring

Unlike other OSINT software providers, Echosec allows users to pivot seamlessly and anonymously between dark web marketplaces, social media sites, messaging apps, document repositories, and other online spaces, in just a few clicks. This accessibility in a single platform makes searching, filtering, and analyzing an otherwise overwhelming amount of data fast and effective.

What are Echosec users saying?

“I have never used an OSINT tool - that resolves so many challenges we face in the digital space.”

"Fantastic tool for investigators and determining fallout from cyber events."

"Echosec has crafted a product that doubles the efforts of my analysts."

To learn more about the Echosec Platform please contact us at [email protected] and view the product brochure here.

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