Circadian Risk Software

Physical Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Software

About Circadian Risk

Circadian Risk introduces a better way to do threat and vulnerability assessments. It is a web-based and iPad software that delivers in-depth, actionable reports in record time. It’s the only solution that lets you embed photos automatically for greater visualization. Easily capture every vulnerability, risk, and compliance issue on a floor plan using an iPad Aggregate data from multiple facilities into one report to identify common problems. Track improvements with detailed corrective action plans for a better chance of completion. Use existing question templates, or develop your own, to meet your unique sector and company standards. Improve your margins and reduce risk by completing assessments more frequently. Generate more objective reports, with virtually no writing, reducing report time by up to 80%. Dashboards and floor plan visualizations create an emotional message in one picture that spurs decision-makers to make corrections, fast.

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