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PEASI is a mass notification software company based in Calgary, Alberta. PEASI is the developer of the highly rated Alertable software used by communities in Canada for emergencies and day-to-day public notices. PEASI is actively involved in developing industry standards and guidelines for public alerts and notifications in Canada and internationally. These are incorporated into the Alertable software. 

Alertable, is used by 1,000 localities in Canada to send emergency alerts and day-to-day community notices for facilities, roads, parks, schools, utilities, municipal services, pandemics, fires, floods, severe weather, natural disasters, and other hazards. 

Alertable is simple, fast, and easy to use. Easy PEASI.



Emergency alerts and day-to-day community notices for facilities, roads, parks, schools, utilities, drinking water, other municipal services, pandemics, fires, floods, severe weather, natural disasters, and other hazards.

Use Alertable to stay aware and plan ahead. Check for closures, restrictions and hazards in advance. Know before you go. Keep informed and up to date with Alertable.

Download the FREE Alertable app for iOS and Android smartphones. Install the FREE Alertable skill and action for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant home devices. Sign up for FREE email and SMS notifications or phone calls. Follow Alertable on Facebook and Twitter. Connect with Alertable directly on Facebook Messenger. Install the FREE Alertable add-on for Slack and Microsoft Teams (coming soon). Choose any combination that’s right for you.

Notifications are fast, reliable and easy to see and hear. Personalize notifications by type and severity. Choose notifications for more than one location. Home, office, cottage, family and friends and more. Turn on roaming and override silent mode.



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Alertable for Conservation Authorities

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