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Coronavirus COVID-19 Italy pandemic:  By the numbers - A warning to Canadians from a Friend

There are issues, but it’s not so bad after all:

  • we have all to stay home but that’s no problem, I am a homeworker long since;
  • my son is about to buy a house in Switzerland and his bank has blocked the mortgage (they just want to see how things evolve financially in Switzerland) à but his credit is rock solid, he’ll get his mortgage, he just has to wait a bit
  • my daughter was to get married in April and she’ll probably have to defer her marriage à but they will marry, they just have to wait a bit as well.

I’m sorry for all these troubles that COVID-19 is giving, even more sorry for the people that have had and are having much worse problems, and there are lots of them.

Therefore, friends, take my advice. Shout! Ask that all Canadians stay at home. All Canadians. It took time for us to get worried, but eventually we had to. It will take time to you, but eventually you’ll have to, and the sooner  you as a country get worried and all stay home, the sooner you can break an exponential growth and even have the virus extinguish (or so) from your country. Is there any reason to do that after 1,000 deaths, instead of 100, or maybe 10? Any other reason than just pure inability to compute?

By the way, maybe Canada is less densely populated than Italy, but here, before the growth got limited (staying home), it used to take about 10 days for 10 to become 100, and 10 more for 100 to become 1.000. And with incubation time up to 2 weeks, when you start to brake, it takes about a couple of weeks to see any slowdown; so 1.000 has enough time to become 10.000 and more…

How many extra people are killed by a one week delay in adopting this measure? Today 100, next week it will be 1000. WHY WAIT???

  • Did you understand that a serious, generalized quarantine ERADICATES the virus, while ANY other measure only slows down its spreading?
  • Did you understand why Italy was so quick to adopt their measures? The answer will make you think and help you help your politicians do sooner what they know they must and will do.
  • If you’re puzzled just ask. I’m the Owner of EzNess IT. I’m working from home and happy to help. Take care.


Marcello Antonucci



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