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Providing software and services for Security and Emergency Managers

An initial consultation with our clients helps us to understand where they are within the project’s process, including an evaluation of their business requirements and understanding which tools and systems they already have in place. A selection of FutureShield approved, targeted software is available to support our clients’ process of standardization and mitigation in the fields of risk management, incident management, security resource management, crisis communication and business continuity. Working for our clients, we help them review the relevant software solutions and consult on the best outcome.

Our value-added services offer additional consulting throughout the buying process to assist with collaboration with IT and implementation. To help with the success of the project, FutureShield offers comprehensive training programs for all levels of users, and follow-up support when needed.

Our clients are primarily within the critical infrastructure sectors of Canada with a focus on energy and utilities, information and communications technology, transportation, public safety, government, and manufacturing.

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"Cynthia provided Sheridan College’s Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management with expert advice and guidance on IT solutions, and she connected the program with multiple vendors to develop opportunities for our students to experience industry-leading solutions during their studies. Cynthia is an outstanding professional who excels at working with clients and vendors to generate innovative solutions that promote public safety across our local communities. I was extremely impressed by Cynthia’s expertise, along with her dedication and hard work in connecting educational institutions with industry partners for the purpose of promoting student success and community resilience. Cynthia is an expert professional who makes a difference."

- Gary Galbraith, Program Coordinator, Sheridan College


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