National Public Alerting Summit 2015

Cynthia Weeden, President of FutureShield, will join other Emergency Management Leaders at the CATAAlliance National Public Alerting Summit, February 17 & 18 2015, to discuss the trends and impacts of public alerting.

Learning from past experiences and taking a serious look at what is in place today, the goal will be to discover new opportunities for improved public alerting, and build a road map to the future.

The event opens with Canadian Emergency Management leaders sharing public alerting success stories, including Deputy Chief Tom Sampson, Deputy Chief of Calgary Emergency Management Agency.

The Future of Public Alerting in Canada

Cynthia Weeden Speaker Bio - National Public Alerting Summit 2015

Cynthia Weeden will join a panel of experts on the second day of the summit, to discuss the Future of Public Alerting - Making a Dialogue.

  • How can Social Media be used to engage citizens?
  • How are the emergency alerts being received by Canadians?
  • How can they add their voices to the alerting process to turn alerting from a monologue to a dialogue?
  • Is there a reason to be concerned about Alert Fatigue, and what should be done about it?

Other speaking topics at the event include

  • National, Provincial & Territorial Policy Overview
  • Exploring National and Regional Public Alerting Strategies
  • Regulatory Landscape - Should there be mandatory compliance for broadcasters and how to deal with liability, monitoring, and enforcement. Who pays? How to fund (lessons from 9-1-1)?

More information about the event, including the agenda and list of speakers can be found at - National Public Alerting Summit 2015 - Edmonton, AB - Canada

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